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Vision 2050

The moment of transformation

It aims for more than 9 billion people (~50 million in Spain) to live well, with quality of life, within planetary boundaries. To achieve this, we must act now and significantly increase our efforts.

We face unprecedented challenges:

  • Climate emergency
  • Loss of biodiversity
  • Increasing inequalities


Businesses, governments and civil society must transform systems that enable sustainable, prosperous and inclusive development. This decade represents a final opportunity to correct our course. We can achieve that vision, but only if we significantly increase our efforts, starting today.

Vision 2050 was launched within the framework of the meeting of the Spanish Business Council for Sustainable Development, led by Forética and composed of the Presidents and CEOs of the promoting partner companies.

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Climate emergency

Time is running out to deal with the climate emergency.

Despite the growing awareness of society, governments and companies, emissions continue to increase. The current rate of emissions reduction is insufficient to limit the increase in the earth's temperature to 1.5ºC.

Recent scientific studies, as was found at COP26, indicate that this 1.5oC ceiling would be reached in 2030 at current emission rates.

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Loss of Biodiversity

Continued biodiversity loss will have serious consequences for our livelihoods, economies, health and security.

More than half of the world's GDP depends moderately or heavily on nature and its services, and is exposed to risks from their loss.

Wildlife populations declined by 68% between 1970 and 2016. We are on track for the extinction of nearly one million species by 2050.

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Growing inequality

Inequality has increased in all countries since 1980. The richest 1% of the world's population has captured 27% of the increase in wealth over the period, while the poorest 50% have accumulated only 12% of the total.

Crises such as COVID-19, the war in Ukraine and the energy crisis have put equality in the social spotlight.

Between 143 and 163 million people will have entered extreme poverty levels by 2021.

Nine transformation routes


Leadership to accelerate

Shared vision

When companies share a common agenda, they can reach across the entire value chain, and when that agenda is forward-looking , ambitious and optimistic, it can drive the transformation of entire systems. Vision 2050 provides companies with this shared vision.

It defines the world we want to create and establishes the roadmap and actions that will make it a reality. Companies lead by unequivocally recognizing the urgent need for change, defending the facts that support this urgency, and being open and realistic about the necessary transformations ahead.

Systemic thinking

Systems thinking will be at the foundation of progress toward our Vision. It will open eyes to the macro trends, disruptions and innovations that shape the world in which companies operate; to the risks to resilience and future profits; and to the dependence of companies on the stability and success of other industries and institutions, communities and ecosystems.

Systems thinking will drive us to be both bold and humble, confident that we can transform systems to achieve a more sustainable world, with a clear vision of the partnerships on which progress will depend.

Change of mentality

Our current systems will not achieve a world in which more than 9 billion people can live well, within the limits of the planet. We have to change our mindset: about the purpose of business, about what it means to be resilient, and about how we can operate regeneratively rather than destructively.

These transformation paths demand the adaptation of our sectors, providing companies with the keys to mitigate transition risks, reduce the costs of change and safeguard the capacity for long-term value creation. Sustainability becomes the key to the success of organizations in the future.

'Vision 2050 - The Time for Transformation' provides a framework to help businesses unlock the transformations on which a secure and sustainable future depends. We call on business leaders to leverage this work and make our vision a reality.

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