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The Spanish Business Council for Sustainable Development is a consultative body formed by the Presidents/CEOs of Forética's sponsoring partners. The Council's constitution meeting was honorarily chaired by H.M. King Felipe VI.

It is the high-level meeting place where the top executives of the leading companies in sustainability in Spain convey a message of business leadership in sustainability. In addition, they share trends, challenges and solutions; and project their vision and strategic recommendations to achieve sustainable development in the environmental, social and governance (ESG) fields.

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Honorary Presidency of the Council's constitution

H.M. King Philip IV of Spain

Members of the Board

Alberto Granados President of Microsoft Spain
D. Alberto Granados

Forética and Spanish Business Council for Sustainable Development | Microsoft Spain

Domingo Mirón. President of Accenture in Spain, Portugal and Israel and Global Chief Risk Officer at Accenture.
D. Domingo Mirón

Accenture in Spain, Portugal and Israel and Chief Risk Officer of Accenture globally.

María Luisa Domínguez president of ADIF
Mrs. María Luisa Domínguez

Adif and Adif AV

Alberto Gutiérrez president for AIRBUS
D. Alberto Gutiérrez

Airbus Spain

Mariangela Marseglia vice president of Amazon for Spain and Italy
Ms. Mariangela Marseglia
Vice President and Chief Executive Officer

Amazon Italy and Spain

Ricardo Suárez. President of AstraZeneca in Spain
D. Rick R. Suarez

AstraZeneca Spain

Luis Isasi. Chief Executive Officer for Banco Santander
D. Luis Isasi

Banco Santander Spain

Pedro Guerrero. Chairman of Bankinter
D. Pedro Guerrero


Manuel Terroba. Executive President BMW Group Spain and Portugal
D. Manuel Terroba
Chief Executive Officer

BMW Group Spain and Portugal

José I. Goirigolzarri. Caixabank
Mr. José I. Goirigolzarri


Eduardo Baamonde Noche. President of Cajamar
D. Eduardo Baamonde

Cajamar Caja Rural

Sergio Menéndez. President of CEMEX
D. Sergio Menéndez

CEMEX Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa (EMEA)

Maarten Wetselaar.Cepsa
D. Maarten Wetselaar


Giuseppe Chiericatti. General Manager of Chiesi for Spain
D. Giuseppe Chiericatti
Chief Executive Officer

Chiesi Spain

Francesc Cosano. President of Coca - cola for Spain coca-cola
D. Francesc Cosano
Chief Executive Officer

Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Iberia

Ana Paula Marques. CEO of EDP
Ms. Ana Paula Marques
CEO Spain


Antonio Llardén. Chairman of Enagás
D. Antonio Llardén


José Damián Bogas Gálvez. CEO of Endesa and Iberia Country Manager of the Enel Group.
Mr. José D. Bogas
Chief Executive Officer


Loreto Ordoñez. Chief Executive Officer of ENGIE
Ms. Loreto Ordóñez


Ignacio Madridejo. CEO of Ferrovial
D. Ignacio Madridejos
Chief Executive Officer


Francisco José Riberas. Executive President of Gestamp
D. Francisco J. Riberas
Chief Executive Officer


Martín Tolcachir. CEO DIA
D. Martín Tolcachir
Global CEO

DIA Group

Cristina Henriquez de Luna. General Manager GSK Farma Spain, Portugal & Israel
Ms. Cristina Henriquez
President and CEO

GSK Spain

Etienne Strijp. Executive President of Heineken for Spain
D. Etienne Strijp
Chief Executive Officer


Carmen Diaz Lafarge. CEO Holcim Spain
Ms. Carmen Díaz
Chief Executive Officer

Holcim Spain

Mario Ruiz Tagle. Chief Executive Officer for Iberdrola Spain
D. Mario Ruiz-Tagle

Iberdrola Spain

Horacio Morell. President of IBM for Spain
D. Horacio Morell

IBM Spain, Portugal, Greece and Israel

Nurettin Acar. General Manager of Ikea Spain
D. Nurettin Acar


Alejandro Oñoro Medrano. Chief Executive Officer Ilunion
D. Alejandro Oñoro
Chief Executive Officer


Juan Jose Cano. President of KPMG in Spain
Mr. Juanjo Cano

KPMG Spain

Javier Urbiola. Executive President Spain ISS
Mr. Javier Urbiola
Chief Executive Officer

ISS Spain

Juan Alonso de Lomas - General Manager, L'Oreal Spain and Portugal
Mr. Juan Alonso de Lomas

L'Oréal Spain

Eduardo Petrossi. Chief Executive Officer of Mahou San Miguel
D. Eduardo Petrossi
Chief Executive Officer

Mahou San Miguel

Raul Grijalba. President Manpower Group for Spain ANPOWER GROUP
D. Raúl Grijalba

ManpowerGroup Spain

Antonio Huertas. President Mapfre
D. Antonio Huertas


Alejandro Beltrán McKinsey. Chief Executive Officer Iluniun
D. Alejandro Beltrán
Managing Partner

McKinsey & Company Iberia

Ana Argelich. Chief Executive Officer of MSD
Ms. Ana Argelich
President and Chief Executive Officer

MSD in Spain

Enrique Sanz. President of the Mutualidad General de la Abogacía Española and the Fundación Mutualidad Abogacía.
D. Enrique Sanz Fernández-Lomana

Mutualidad de la Abogacía

Francisco Reynes. Chairman and CEO of Naturgy
D. Francisco Reynés
President and CEO


Sergi Biosca. CEO NTT Data Spain
D. Sergi Biosca

NTT Data Spain

José Antonio Fernández Gallar. Second Vice-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OHL
Mr. José A. Fernández
Chief Executive Officer

OHLA Group

Vanessa Prats. Vice President and General Manager of P&G.
Ms. Vanessa Prats
Vice President and Chief Executive Officer

P&G Spain and Portugal

Víctor Madera. President of QuironSalud
D. Víctor Madera
Chief Executive Officer


Iñaki Peralta. Chief Executive Officer of Sanitas
D. Iñaki Peralta

Sanitas and Bupa Europe & Latin America

João Paulo da Silva. SAP
Mr. João Paulo da Silva
Vice President and General Manager for Southern Europe


Ignacio Sevillano. CEO Smurfit Kappa
D. Ignacio Sevillano
CEO of Spain, Portugal and Morocco

Smurfit Kappa

Jorge Oliveira. General Manager of Solvay for Spain and Portugal.
Mr. Jorge Oliveira
Chief Executive Officer


Sara de Pablos Suntory
Ms. Sara de Pablos

Suntory Beverage & Food Spain

Council Secretariat

Germán Granada. General Manager
German Granda
Chief Executive Officer



Guidelines for CEOs

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