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We prepare and publish relevant reports on CSR/Sustainability and specific associated topics, which contribute to the generation of impact in the CSR community and are an opportunity for visibility and positioning for companies and organizations.
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Types of reports


You will find all the thematic reports produced by the different Forética working groups.

Testimonials from our partners

The relationship between Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar and Forética is based on common objectives and a spirit of open collaboration. As a result of this collaboration, it has been possible to carry out studies and tools aimed at promoting the integration of social, environmental and good governance aspects among our partners and customers, including the recent work carried out on the agri-food sector, consisting of a sectoral analysis and a CSR implementation guide.

Javier Dueñas
Corporate Social Responsibility and Global Quality Director at Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar

Project Manager

Jaime Silos
Director of Corporate Development