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The members of Forética are the owners of the association. The General Assembly of members elects the Board of Directors and, reporting to it, there are technical and administrative bodies for the management and day-to-day running of the entity, headed by the General Manager.

On an annual basis, the presidency of Forética presents a detailed statement of the entity's situation to the General Assembly of members, after auditing its accounts by an independent third party.

Board of Directors

Throughout the year, the Board of Directors establishes, in at least three annual sessions, control points to Forética's management team regarding the association's economic situation, projects, activities, noteworthy events, new/expired members and any other information that the Board considers relevant. This information will be passed on to the rest of the associates through the minutes of the Board of Directors.


Alberto Granados

Executive Committee

Antonio Budia. Board

Antonio Budia

Chairman of the Board

Fernando Riaño. Board

Fernando Riaño

Vice President

Cristina Moral. Board

Cristina Moral

General Secretary

Carmén Basolas. Board

Mª Carmen Basolas

General Vice-Secretary

María José Prado. Board

María José Prado



Henar Senovilla. Board

Henar López

Ana Belén Noriega. Board

Ana Belén Noriega

Javier Villacampa

Asunción Ruiz Junta

Asunción Ruiz