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IV UOC CSR Conference: Responsible Technological Transformation, Training and Employability throughout life
Technological transformation, responsibility, training and lifelong employability

The IV UOC CSR Conference will take place on November 21. Responsible Technological Transformation, Training and Employability throughout life will take place, organized by the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya with the collaboration of Eticentre and Forética to be held at the UOC Palma (Carrer Ausiàs March, 11 Palma de Mallorca). You can register for the conference here.

This year's UOC CSR Day willfocus on the future of work and the development of technology, as well as the situation of certain social groups and their relationship with these themes. The session will feature different experts who will address these aspects from their perspectives and highlight different alternatives from both the business world and the administration. In this sense, during the session they will discuss what should be the role of aid to these groups at present, what can be the role of training inside and outside the company, how to encourage the recruitment of these people or how to mitigate the psycho-social problems arising from the current situation.

Within the framework of this conference, Forética will present the Enterprise 2020 initiative which, under the framework of "Future of Work", this year will focus on making business projects in the field of responsible technological transformation and youth employability visible. During the session we will provide more information on how to participate in the call for applications, which will be open until November 30, and we will present good practices in responsible technological transformation. You can submit your application here.

Therefore, from a broad perspective and bearing in mind the reality of the Balearic Islands, it will be possible to know in the session the point of view of some of the actors with an impact on this issue. That is why this year the conference is organized by the Master's Degree in Social Responsibility of the UOC's Economics and Business Studies together with Eticentre- Center for Ethical Management of the Company and Forética- Responsible Leadership.

You can check here the program of the event.



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