Nestlé is positioned as one of the companies that is changing the world according to Fortune magazine.
Nestle is positioned as one of the companies that are changing the world.

Fortune magazine has published the index of the 50 companies that are changing the world, an index that includes more than 22 countries and places Nestlé in the top 5. The aim of this list is to gather the companies that have had the greatest positive social impact through activities that are part of their business strategy. The food and beverage company has obtained a very prominent position in the annual Change the World list prepared, for the second year, by Fortune magazine.

As stated in the magazine, Nestlé has become the "world's leading seller of bottled water" and in its "150 years of age" has shown that the Swiss company is committed to the social impact of its activity. It also highlights its sourcing through "local farmers in more than 50 countries", the fight against "slavery and child labor in its supply chains" and its efforts to achieve a healthier diet with the creation of products with less content in "fats, sugars and sodium", data that can be found in Nestlé's 2015 annual report.


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