Consumers increasingly demanding of corporate sustainability messages
  • Forética and GlobeScan present the report 'Healthy & Sustainable Living' which includes current data on sustainable consumption trends in Spain and globally, with the aim of helping companies to understand consumer behaviors related to healthy and sustainable living.


Forética and GlobeScan present the report Healthy & Sustainable Livinga global consumer insights project linked to sustainability, with the aim of helping companies understand and respond to changing consumer preferences and behaviors related to healthy and sustainable living in 31 countries.

The results of the report include data, trends and current prospects for sustainable consumption in Spain - the result of a survey of more than 1,000 people - in comparison with the situation at a global level, as well as the possible barriers that may arise.

Concerns and barriers to responsible consumption

Among the main concerns of Spaniards, the war in Ukraine stands out (80%), followed by poverty (75%) and climate change (72%).

In relation to climate change, Spain is the country with the highest perceived impact of extreme heat, forest fires and drought, indicating that it is negatively affected by rising temperatures caused by global warming - 85% of respondents - more than the world average - at 64%.

As the main barriers for the conscious consumer, the report highlights that inflation is affecting consumers' ability to access healthy and sustainable living. The majority of consumers globally say that the prices of environmentally friendly products have risen in the last 12 months, when they were already perceived to be more expensive than other products.

In relation to this challenge, Jaime Silos, Director of Corporate Development at Forética, explains: "However, consumers globally show a high level of interest in sustainable consumption and are receptive to brands' sustainability messages. Now more than ever, brands need to make sustainable choices more affordable".

Environmental concerns and their impact on consumers

Spanish consumers say they consider supporting environmentally responsible companies more than they currently do, with a mismatch between aspirations and actions. Consumers in Spain are currently more interested in doing things they consider to be simpler, such as not wasting resources and improving their well-being, as opposed to others that require greater sacrifice.

Contradicting recent concerns about consumer rejection ofgreenwashing, a large majority (81%) of those who have received environmental messages say they generally trust the environmental communications issued by companies and organizations. The majority also say that environmental friendliness plays an important role in their purchasing decisions across all product categories surveyed.

In the words of Alvaro Almeida, GlobeScan's Director for Latin America, "enabling consumers to live healthier and more sustainable lives is crucial to our collective future, but also a huge opportunity for brands to create more trust, loyalty and advocacy among consumers."

Certification, labeling and packaging, the reference for the consumer

Certifications and labeling, packaging made from recycled or recyclable materials, and materials and ingredients are the top three ways consumers say they can identify environmentally friendly products.

Furthermore, in Spain, the traditional media are the most influential in promoting a sustainable lifestyle, followed by the family and NGOs/activist groups. Globally, on the other hand, the third place is occupied by social networks.

The future of sustainability

Nearly 70% of Spanish consumers are willing to halve their consumption to avoid climate change, while almost two-thirds say their children are concerned about the environment.

54% of respondents, both in Spain and globally, believe that most people will live sustainably in the next decade. Driving electric cars, using renewable energy and avoiding single-use plastic are the main future actions of Spanish consumers.

You can download the report here Healthy & Sustainable Living

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