CSR Innolabs: "Business Strategy for Climate Change" booklet now available in English
Logos Soup: "Business strategy in the face of climate change".

Climate change is one of the most important global challenges we face today. It involves not only environmental challenges but also affects the social and economic sustainability of the system formed by companies, governments and citizens. That is why, with just 82 days left until the Paris Summit on climate change, we want one of the key notebooks resulting from the innovation laboratories in social responsibility(CSR Innolabs) to be a reference for a greater number of companies.

The intensive consumption of natural resources and the impact of the operations, products and services of companies and organizations highlight the need for them to develop a clear position in the fight against climate change. The integration of this phenomenon into corporate strategy has clear benefits, whether in terms of generating new market opportunities or as a factor in controlling and minimizing risks.


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