CELSA Group joins Forética to advance its purpose of contributing to sustainable development.
CELSA Group partners with Forética to advance in its purpose of contributing to sustainable development.
  • The company, which produces steel from scrap recycling in electric arc furnaces - the most sustainable system possible today - is committed to reducing scope 1 and 2 CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030 and to becoming a Net Positive company by 2050.
  • CELSA Group is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of the Global Compact and works especially on those related to gender equality and safety and well-being at work, as well as on the development and growth of its 11,929 professionals.


CELSA Group, Europe's leading producer of circular and low-emission steel, has joined Forética, Spain's leading business organization in the field of sustainability and social responsibility.

Through this alliance with Forética, representative of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) in Spain and leader of the Spanish Business Council for Sustainable Development, CELSA Group advances in its commitment to sustainability, included in its current strategic plan, and also with its social and corporate purpose.

For CELSA Group, a company that has produced sustainably since its origins, being part of Forética is consistent with its commitment to sustainable development, which in its case is materialized in the promotion of the efficient use of resources, through its circularity, in the fight against climate change, and in the commitment to the sustainable development goals of the United Nations Global Compact.

"The incorporation of CELSA Group to Forética means being part of a network of more than 200 partners, in which we work for a triple objective: to increase business ambition in sustainability, accelerate action to address ESG challenges (environmental, social and good governance), and strengthen alliances that allow us to face a sustainable, green and inclusive recovery," says the general director of Forética, Germán Granda.


Aligned with the objectives of the Global Compact

CELSA Group, present in 9 countries around the world, produces steel from scrap recycling and by means of the most sustainable system available today, electric arc furnaces.

It is also a family business group in which people are a priority. For this reason, the company works intensively on the well-being and growth of its professionals, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the Global Compact, especially those related to decent work and economic growth, gender equality and people's health and safety. In this regard, the company's main objectives include "zero accidents".

It also continues to increase the presence of women in its workforce, so that in 2021, 885 women joined the CELSA Group teams, which is 6% more than in 2020, and implies a growth in the presence of women in the company of 17% in the last 5 years.


Goal: to be a Net Positive company by 2050

Environmental, social and good governance (ESG) criteria are at the basis of the strategy and activity of CELSA Group, which, in addition to achieving net zero emissions by 2050, wants to go further to become a Net Positive company, promoting projects for the capture of CO2 already emitted previously.

"At CELSA Group, we are committed to reducing Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 50% by 2030 and to becoming Net positive by 2050," explains CEO Francesc Rubiralta. "These objectives are already part of our day-to-day activities and are enabling us to reduce the annual emission of 13.6 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, equivalent to 3 million vehicles driving non-stop for a year," according to Rubiralta.


About CELSA Group

CELSA Group is Europe's leading producer of circular and low-emission steel and the largest circular supply chain in Europe. It recycles ferrous scrap to produce steel in electric arc furnaces, using the most sustainable and the most environmentally and energy efficient technology.

The company is made up of 6 business groups and has 120 work centers, 7 steel mills, 10 rolling mills and 45 recycling plants, as well as transformation and distribution companies, which generate direct, indirect and induced employment for more than 70,000 professionals.

From the point of view of corporate responsibility, CELSA Group works to provide solutions to the planet's greatest systemic risks: the depletion of resources and the fight against climate change. To this end, it is moving towards complete circularity and aspires to be a Net Positive company by 2050.

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