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SGE 21 News

The SGE 21 is the ethical and socially responsible management system that establishes the requirementsthat an organization must meet to integrate CSR into its strategy. Discon Ltda. has recently joined it. Grameimpuls and L'Arca del Maresme have renewed their certification.

  • Discon Ltda- Diseños y construcciones - DISCON - is a company that provides its services to public and private entities in the following sectors: services, construction, mining and energy; in the Colombian territory. Based on teamwork, transparency, efficiency and corporate social responsibility. It exists to obtain benefits for its members, generate employment and contribute to the growth of the regional and national economy. Seeks to grow as an organization characterized by its commitment to quality in its processes and customer satisfaction, the sense of belonging of its employees, commitment to sustainable development, the suitability and excellent service for the development of projects; through the organization and effectiveness in the planning and execution of works.

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