SGE 21: A standard for continuous improvement in responsible management
SGE 21: A standard for continuous improvement in responsible management

The Cofares Group, the leading pharmaceutical distribution cooperative in its sector at national level, is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, after a long career in defense of its members, the pharmacists, and the Spanish pharmaceutical model.

To this event we now have the satisfaction of adding our renewal of the SGE 21 certification in its new version, coinciding with almost the tenth anniversary of the implementation in our company of this tool, a reference at international level. And as is customary in all celebrations of this type, we would like to take this opportunity to take stock of what the integration of the values of transparency, integrity and economic, environmental and social sustainability implicit in the SGE 21 has meant for the cooperative and its members and customers in the Group's day-to-day operations. All these values are in line with those that the cooperative defends and promulgates, in its aim to provide the best possible service both to its members and customers, the pharmacies, and to the patients and customers who use them to meet their health needs.

Thus, since its implementation in Cofares, our application of the Responsible Management System has allowed us to improve communication between departments, making it more transversal, fluid and efficient, which in turn has helped us to put an end to the physical limitations of our offices and begin to establish better synergies between departments, promoting a more collaborative and cohesive work, which allows the company's employees to feel part of a single joint team working in the same direction and pursuing the same objectives.

In the Cofares Group, for many years, we have worked hard for pharmacy and pharmacists, even when it comes to developing solidarity actions from our Cofares Foundation, a non-profit entity that channels the solidarity pulse of pharmacy. But thanks, in part, to the adoption of this standard, we have become aware of the importance of transmitting everything we do to our stakeholders, our interest groups.

The SGE 21 has also helped us to become aware that taking actions that prevent pollution and contribute to the preservation of the environment, such as controlling energy and water costs, or reducing our carbon footprint, is not only an option, but a necessity that the whole of society, of which we are of course a part, must assume. That is why we have defined environmental indicators, to know where we are and where we can improve.

Finally, because we are also aware that we must take care of our collaborators and help them as much as possible to lead a healthier life, we are working to promote healthy lifestyle habits, such as doing sports or taking better care of their diet, in all our human team, to make use of the preventive facet of the word "health". For all these reasons, we are grateful to Forética for being part of this process and for helping us to continue improving.

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