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SusChem - Young Chemical Researchers Awards: necessary recognition of talent that will shape the future
SusChem Young Chemical Researchers Awards

Decarbonization, Circular Economy or Climate Change are some of the great global challenges we face as a society and, if we want to provide sustainable solutions that respond to these challenges of the present and the future, from the chemical sector we are firmly convinced that it is necessary to continue promoting human value and sustainability, investing in Technological Development and Innovation, and it is essential to make a firm commitment to basic research, necessary to reach the development of pioneering products and services.

Aware of this, the chemical sector leads the Spanish industry in investment in Research and Development, generating 25% of the investments that the industry as a whole allocates to this area; as well as in investment in Innovation, allocating more than 1,500 million euros per year.

But the necessary solutions will not come from the hand of a single agent; public-private and intersectoral collaboration is paramount. Creating links in the value chain and maximizing opportunities for growth is fundamental due to the heterogeneity of the chemical sector and its capacity to contribute to the development of other scientific and industrial disciplines (the chemical industry currently supplies 98% of the rest of the productive sectors).

This is our great economic value, but also our social value, because none of this would be possible without the people, without the promising young Spanish scientists who sometimes seem invisible to us and who work so hard in the different fields of chemistry to make life easier for all of us with their innovations and to set the course to follow, bearing in mind that the future is written in a sustainable key.

In a sector such as the chemical industry, where 60% of companies are committed to innovation in their products, processes and technologies as the only way to be competitive, human capital, and specifically that dedicated to R&D, is one of the fundamental pillars. So much so that 22% of all researchers who choose Spanish industry to develop their professional careers work in a chemical company.

In a globalized, competitive and constantly evolving world, this research work cannot and should not cease, and it is the young researchers who contribute with their effort and dedication to shaping the world of the future we want, day by day and step by step.

The SusChem-Young Chemical Researchers Awards were established 11 years ago to encourage, recognize and promote scientific and informative activity among young chemical researchers in our country, with the aim of translating their knowledge into tangible contributions that support economic growth and broaden the horizons of this science.

With an endowment of 2.2,000 euros each, these awards, organized by the SusChem-Spain Sustainable Chemistry Technology Platform and the Group of Young Chemical Researchers of the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry (JIQ-RSEQ), are promoted in their four categories (Innova, Predoc, Postdoc and Future) by the Spanish Chemical Industry Business Federation(FEIQUE), the National Association of Chemists and Chemical Engineers of Spain(ANQUE), the General Council of Official Associations of Chemists of Spain(CGCOQE), the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry (RSEQ), Tecnalia Ventures and the Chemistry and Society Forum.

During the ten previous editions, a total of 43 Young Chemical Researchers have been awarded among the more than 700 nominations submitted. Promising young Spanish chemistry researchers who carry out their work both in Spain and abroad and stand out for the high quality of the work presented in the categories that make up these awards.

The deadline for the submission of documentation to participate in this 2019 edition will be from April 1 to 30 and applicants can apply through the SusChem-Spain website:

About SusChem

Created in 2005, SUSCHEM España is the Spanish Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry, an entity promoted by the Spanish Chemical Industry Business Federation (FEIQUE), the Spanish Federation of Technology Centers (FEDIT), the Spanish Association of Biocompanies (ASEBIO) and Tecnalia, whose objectives are to promote the development of research and innovation in the field of chemistry, to contribute to the implementation of the general objectives of the state innovation strategy, to channel the transfer of R&D&I to the market for the generation of employment and innovative companies, as well as to promote the incorporation of research talent into the productive fabric.

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