Cuidopía, the value of caring in the new reality

Reality has changed and despite the uncertainty, or precisely because of it, those of us who work in the Johnson & Johnson group of companies are more aware than ever that the most important thing is still people.

This health crisis we are experiencing has reinforced the premise that reminds us that we must prioritize all our efforts towards caring for people and improving their quality of life.

This global pandemic has been unexpected, it is true, but somehow we feel that we were already preparing for what has now become relevant: the importance of care.

For years at Janssen, in collaboration with Cátedras en Red, we have been developing a patient care model based on humanization and scientific evidence: the Effective Affective Model.

An innovative approach based on placing the patient at the center of the system and where healing and care are aligned on the same level of importance.

With the work carried out over seven years and thanks to the collaboration and involvement of the different agents, we can proudly say that this Effective Affective Model has already achieved important transformations in the healthcare system.

But it is never enough. The meticulous work carried out during all this time helped us to highlight the importance of care in today's society, with an aging population, a large number of chronic or mentally ill patients and many dependent people living alone.

We understood that, undoubtedly, the care society transcends the purely health field and must be understood as something transversal, a priority and where responsibilities are shared.

For this reason, in 2019, and based on all the values of the Effective Affective Model, we are launching the Cuidopía program: a common and multifaceted space in which to share projects, ideas and innovative initiatives on care that inspire, serve as a reference and contribute to promoting a society that is more committed to care.

With this, Cuidopía is articulated in three main areas. Firstly, we offer (1) Training, since we promote a scholarship program for the training of professionals dedicated to the world of care, in collaboration with Fundación Tomillo, a social entity specialized in social integration through training for employment.

A second line of action is (2) Dissemination. Cuidopía gives visibility to care by highlighting its protagonists: those who care and those who are cared for, because we can only understand the future by caring for ourselves and each other.

And finally, the Counseling axis : we try to provide guidance and accompaniment to caregivers and those who are cared for. Through its own resources and referral sources, Cuidopía offers this necessary advice.

With this new social initiative, we also join the efforts to achieve the goals established in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We believe that responsible companies have a great opportunity to actively contribute to their achievement and, in this sense, Cuidopía places special emphasis on the following:

  • SDG 3: Health and wellness, to ensure better care
  • SDG4: Quality education by providing adequate training
  • SDG 5: Gender equality with opportunities for all
  • SDG 8: decent work, in a sector with high labor market insertion rates
  • SDG 10 Reducing inequalities, with a focus on the most vulnerable people
  • SDG17 Partnerships for development, so that the impact is amplified.

If we have learned anything from this crisis, it is that we need each other, we are interdependent and, although technology has played an important role, we have valued more than ever that which differentiates us from machines: affection, affection, social relationships and care.

The future is unpredictable, it is true, but we have one certainty: to the extent that we strengthen the care society, we will be contributing to a fairer society for all.

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