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A firm commitment to a greener world

In recent years, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become an indispensable area for the evolution of any company, serving as a manual for developing a strategy based on care for the environment, people and society in general. As a benchmark company in the national funeral industry, at Grupo Albia we are absolutely committed to implementing actions in line with our sustainability strategy, promoting climate and social welfare and encouraging other companies to follow in our footsteps.

Our starting point for achieving a more favorable socioeconomic model, both for the industry and for society in general, is the promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), framed in the 2030 Agenda, as well as the implementation of ESG criteria in asset management, which has acquired a truly significant relevance for the European Commission and the United Nations.

For this reason, we are carrying out numerous CSR-related actions that make us the leading company in the sector in terms of sustainability and good governance. One of the initiatives of which we are most proud within the Group is 'Bosques Albia', a carbon footprint offsetting project through the reforestation of trees and other species, an activity that is part of the company's commitment to sustainability and care for the environment.

The initiative kicked off in 2021 and, so far, has managed to replant more than 120,000m2 through the reforestation of about 7,500 trees and shrubs in different locations of the national territory in which we develop our activity. After all, the funeral sector plays a key role in the health and social chain, whose industrial activity has a direct impact on the environment, so one of our main purposes within our CSR strategy is the compensation of the carbon footprint and reforestation of the areas in which we operate.

The project has already visited several cities in Spain, such as Santiago de Compostela and Sanxenxo in Galicia, Vitoria-Gasteiz in the Basque Country, Illescas in Castilla La-Mancha, Linares in Jaén, Zaragoza in Aragón or Torrejón de Ardoz and Parla in Madrid. The plan is to continue implementing this initiative in the rest of the localities where we work, with the aim of reinforcing the quantity and density of existing plantations, transforming the area into a purifier of air pollutants and turning it into the new green lung of the city. This is an initiative in which Grupo Albia volunteers and their families participate, as well as local residents who wish to do their bit to reforest the area and protect the city's ecosystem.

Although the essential objective of our company is based on the care and support of families in one of the most difficult moments of their lives, we do not want to forget the importance of making the activity of our companies as socially responsible as possible.

With all this, Grupo Albia intends to continue taking steps forward in sustainability, carrying out many other initiatives while keeping our beloved Albia Forests at the center of our strategy. As a benchmark company in the sector, we aim to become an example for other companies in the field of CSR. After all, it is important that we work together in this transition to a cleaner and more socially responsible industry.

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