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Adaptation to Climate Change in Cities Toolkit

The project aims to equip the different areas of Spanish municipalities with useful information and tools to be able to build and develop their local climate change adaptation strategies and actions in order to guarantee the configuration of more sustainable, intelligent and climate change resilient cities.


With the support of:

  • Government of Spain: Ministry for Ecological Transition.
  • Biodiversity Foundation.
  • PIMA adapts.
  • Spanish Climate Change Office.


Tool #1

To know, the state of the question

Report on Climate Change Risks and Opportunities for Cities

Tool #2

To imply, argumentation for City Councils

Transferring the importance of climate change adaptation to other areas of municipalities.

Tool #3

Learning, inspiration from best practices

Success stories of cities at national and international level in integrating climate change into their strategy and planning.

Tool #4

To act, business solutions for cities

Collection of products and services that enable cities to adapt to climate change

Tool #5

Sharing, a meeting point for promoting climate action in cities

In June 2019, the project results presentation event took place as a meeting point for municipalities, companies and other stakeholders to discuss these issues