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Commitment moving towards leadership for action
Commitment moving towards leadership for action

Commitment is the word that dominates the international news. Commitment to transparency and commitment to climate change. A commitment that Forética responds to at a national level, bringing global trends closer, bringing together large companies, debating and sharing knowledge through its two Clusters.

Following the success of the Climate Change Cluster which, at its second meeting, focused on one of the most sought-after key issues in the business fight against climate change: the price of carbonForética continues its commitment to responsible business leadership, through the conversation and debate of companies that are setting new business models, launching the Transparency, Integrity and Good Governance Cluster..

A meeting point where the companies that join will not only receive the latest trends from experts, but will also share opinions and experiences with other companies. A meeting point that we encourage you to join and be part of a new leadership model, a common leadership, a leadership for action.

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