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Spain is currently nationally recognized for its energy positioning, obtaining 7th place among the world leaders in energy efficiency. The autonomous communities are also making progress, with Valencia and the Balearic Islands standing out. While public consultation on the future law to promote CSR in the Valencia region is still open, the Balearic Islands have set up a Corporate Social Responsibility Council.

Spain 7th place as world leader in energy efficiency

The third edition of the ACEEE report has left good results for Spain, positioning it as the 7th country in the world in energy efficiency, ahead of the United States, which is in 8th place. Leading the ranking is Germany, closely followed by Italy and Japan (tied for second place) and France and the United Kingdom.

Together, the countries assessed account for75% of all energy consumed on the planet and more than 80% of global gross domestic product (GDP). ACEEE evaluated each country using 35 policies and performance metrics spread across four categories: buildings, industry, transportation and overall national energy efficiency efforts.

Public Consultation on the future Law for the Promotion of CSR in the Valencia Region

The public consultation on the future law for the promotion of CSR in the Valencian Community is very close to being closed. September 15 will be the last day on which interested citizens can participate in the development of this law, which will establish the regulatory bases for critical issues such as corruption, the integration of social policies and environmental practices.

This new law will aim to fully integrate public policies and actions in the area of social responsibility. It will include aspects such as human rights, ethical trade, regulation of labor practices, biodiversity, the fight against climate change, efficient use of resources, transparency and the fight against corruption.

Balearic Islands creates the Corporate Social Responsibility Council

On July 20 took place the act of creation of the new Council of Corporate Social Responsibility of the Balearic Government. An event that was attended by Forética, which highlighted the support that the Government is giving to Enterprise 2020a project in which 12 Autonomous Communities are already participating.

The main objective of the Council is to promote decision-making from an ethical and socially responsible perspective, issuing periodic reports and promoting training in the values of CSR. A consultative body created by the Ministry of Labor, Trade and Industry, with the participation of institutions and organizations representing the Balearic Islands in the field of CSR. The President of the Government, Francina Armengol, has indicated that CSR is a "transforming trend" in the way of understanding business decision-making, which is spreading rapidly in the most advanced countries, and that it is up to "the public sector to lead this change".


The Corporate Social Responsibility Council is comprised of a Chairmanship, which is held by the Councilor for Labor, Trade and Industry, Iago NegueruelaIago Negueruela, a vice-chairman and 19 members.


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