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ESG Expert Program Course

ESG Expert Program

The Forética ESG Academy expert program provides participants with the key tools to understand the three fundamental pillars of sustainability: environmental, social and good governance and transparency. It provides a global vision of the main sustainability trends, how to reach corporate Net Zero, the impact that companies have on human rights and the importance of non-financial information.

*Información relativa a la pasada edición de mayo de 2023.

Sustainability trends

  1. Key ESG trends
  2. Regulatory developments at European and national level
  3. Beyond Agenda 2030. Vision 2050
  4. The sustainability business case



  1. Decarbonization of the economy by 2050
  • Climate change in the spotlight
  1. Strategies for decarbonization towards net zero emissions
  • Climate risk as a corporate risk
  • Science as a basis for goal setting
  • Crunching the numbers: reduction and mitigation actions
  • Nature as an ally in the decarbonization process
  • Accountability and the advancement of regulation



  • Human rights and business impact. Challenges, risks and opportunities.
  • Human rights frameworks and standards of reference.
  • Basic kit for human rights management in the corporate environment. Due diligence
  • Human rights and due diligence, a practical example
  • Towards a new regulatory framework in Europe. Trends in due diligence


Transparency and Good Governance

  • Trends and evolution of non-financial information reporting
  • New era of non-financial information reporting:
    • Attention to new regulatory requirements and the main reporting frameworks (ESRS, GRI, ISSB, among others).
    • Main considerations by type of company.

Objectives Sustainability Trends:

  • Understand the most relevant trends in sustainability and their impact on companies and organizations.
  • To learn about the latest ESG developments at European and national level.
  • To delve deeper into the 2030 Agenda and understand the potential of the 2050 vision as a transformation path for sustainability in the different Spanish economic sectors.
  • To understand why sustainability is a key element for business competitiveness, as well as the challenges and opportunities for organizations.


Environmental Objectives:

  • To learn about the latest global trends and commitments on climate change.
  • To deepen the keys to establishing business strategies on the road to zero net emissions.
  • To understand the important relationship between three key environmental challenges: circular economy, nature and climate change.
  • To learn about the business success story of a company in the area of climate change.


Social Objectives:

  • Understand the impact of business on human rights and what challenges, risks and opportunities can be found in this scenario.
  • Identify and know how to recognize the main standards, tools and reference initiatives in the field of business and human rights.
  • To know how to structure the bases and stages of the strategic due diligence process in a company.
  • Explore some of the most relevant trends in the field of human rights due diligence, including the most relevant regulations at the European level.
  • Learn first-hand how the process is developed in a leading company.


Objectives Transparency and Good Governance:

  • Understand the evolution of non-financial reporting and its importance for sustainable development.
  • Obtain an overview of the new regulatory requirements and frameworks for reporting non-financial information.
  • Identify key issues to address the new non-financial reporting requirements.


You will soon be able to download the detailed program here.

From May 9 to May 18, 2023 (Tuesdays and Thursdays). From 11:00h to 13:00h.

8 hours. Live online session.

475 € Forética members.
775 € non-members of Forética.

Forética organizes and offers training for professionals and companies in the field of sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

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Forética organizes and offers training for professionals and companies in the field of sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

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ESG Expert Program