Microsoft takes over the presidency of Forética
Microsoft takes over the presidency of Forética
  • Alberto Granados, new president of Forética, will also be president of the Spanish Business Council for Sustainable Development.
  • The new Board of Directors will take office on January 1, 2023 for a two-year renewable term and will be chaired by Antonio Budia.
  • ILUNION, Ferrovial, CEMEX, Chiesi, Grupo Antolin, Grupo Lactalis, PEFC and SEO/BirdLife complete the new Board of Directors to provide strategic support to Forética.

Alberto Granados, president of Microsoft Spain, will be the new president of Forética as of January 1, 2023 and, therefore, also president of the Spanish Business Council for Sustainable Development. Together with him, Antonio Budia, Director of Partners at Microsoft Spain, has been appointed as the new president of the Board of Directors.

In addition to the renewal of the presidency, a new Executive Committee was appointed at the Board of Directors meeting held on Wednesday, November 16, to provide strategic support to Forética's activities.

The new Committee, headed by Antonio Budia, will be integrated during the period 2023-2024 by: Fernando Riaño (ILUNION) as Vice-Chairman; Cristina Moral (Ferrovial) in charge of the General Secretariat; Carmen Basolas (Chiesi) holding the position of Deputy General Secretary, and Maria José Prado (CEMEX), Treasurer. The new Committee will take office as of January 1, 2023.

According to Alberto Granados: "We take on this challenge with enthusiasm and responsibility. We will work in the new Board of Directors to continue consolidating Forética's recognition and reputation at national and international level, as a benchmark organization in sustainability, strengthening the environmental, social and good governance areas. Undoubtedly, this is the time to increase ambition, accelerate action and strengthen fundamental alliances that will enable the necessary sustainable transformation, as set out in Forética's strategy".

Likewise, Antonio Budia highlighted "the great work carried out by the Forética team over the last four years hand in hand with the outgoing Board of Directors", led by ManpowerGroup, with Montse Moliner, as President of the Board, and Raúl Grijalba, as President of Forética and the Spanish Business Council for Sustainable Development, "who have achieved exceptional results and a great impact on their goal of accelerating the sustainability agendas of partner companies and organizations".

Composition of the new Board of Directors

On September 29, the General Assembly of Forética members took place, at which the new Forética Board of Directors was elected for the period 2023-2024. At that time, the following members were elected: as representatives of companies, María José Prado (CEMEX EMEA), Mª Carmen Basolas (Chiesi España), Cristina Moral (Ferrovial), Javier Blanco (Grupo Antolín), Henar L. Senovilla (Grupo Lactalis), Fernando Riaño (ILUNION), Antonio Budia (Microsoft España) and Ana Belén Noriega (PEFC); representing NGO members, Asunción Ruiz (SEO/BirdLife).

The new Board of Directors will replace, as of January 1, 2023, the current one composed of Montse Moliner (ManpowerGroup), Francisco Javier Dueñas (Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar), Pilar Garcia de la Puebla (BMW España), Ángel Fraile (ENDESA), Pilar Suárez-Inclán (Reale Seguros), Federico Gómez (Banco Santander), Mónica Chao (IKEA Ibérica), Luis Hervella (Solvay), Alberto Vega (Nestlé), Raúl Mesa (OCA Certificación) and Marta Marañón (Fundación Ayuda en Acción).

At the last meeting of the Board of Directors of the current mandate, Raúl Grijalba pointed out that "in these four years Forética has tripled the number of promoter members, has consolidated the creation of the Spanish Business Council for Sustainable Development and has launched Vision 2050, a roadmap to accelerate the transformation of Spanish companies towards sustainability, as well as consolidating itself as the business reference in ESG aspects". For her part, Montse Moliner, thanked the support of the association and the team for the four years of her mandate, leaving an organization "in growth and with great prospects for the future, leading the discourse and business action in sustainability".

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